Children need to be prepared to succeed the moment they start school.  From birth, children are wired to learn.  Brain research in children shows that they develop at a phenomenal rate from infancy to age five — connecting sights, sounds and experiences faster than at any other time in life. ELP is working to ensure that young children in York County are ready to learn in school and in life. By mobilizing people, leveraging resources, and empowering social, emotional, and early literacy programs, ELP is preparing children, birth to age five, for school success.

Reading with a preschool child is the single most important activity to prepare a child for school success!

When newborn babies require treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Piedmont Medical Center, their parents are often overwhelmed and find it hard to interact with them.  ELP provides a blanket and book with reading tips, encouraging parents to cuddle and read to their baby, promoting skin-to-skin bonding.

ELP provides children, birth to age five, a new, diverse, and developmentally- and age-appropriate book at each well-child visit with their pediatrician.  The medical staff offers guidance and tips to parents, and “prescribes” reading on a daily basis. ROR is provided to all children, but the pediatric practice must serve a large percentage of Medicaid patients who are low to moderate income; 58 percent of all clients are Medicaid recipients in this program. Two sites are Federally Qualified Health Centers, one site is a federally recognized tribe known as the Catawba Indian Nation through Indian Health Services, and numerous children are represented in low- income Census tract areas, such as 604.01, 616.02, and 612.02 across York County.   

ELP recognizes the lack of choice and access to books for some children.  Working with community partners, ELP provides books in non-traditional sites such as laundromats, barbershops, Little Free Libraries, and summer feeding programs, to name a few. Distribution of these books take place in communities of need with 50 percent or greater of low to moderate incomes.


Approximate numbers served in 2019-20:

Books distributed in York County

36,027 BOOKS

Wee Read


Reach Out and Read


Community Book Giveaways

15,685 BOOKS

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